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The World of Baby Dutch, the world of funny, sweet and colorful baby shoes. Designs that
include stars, princes and princesses, football and much, much more hip and cool models.

Baby Dutch is a family business set up by two enthusiastic parents and by December
2007 they introduced their first collection. After these first ‘baby steps’ in 2007 we have
expanded and not only in business. In 2008 there was a new addition to the family and a
wholesale website was launched www.baby-dutch.com. We are currently working on our
new collection, the website is getting a make-over and a flyer and new folder are almost
ready for printing.

Baby Dutch is rapidly expanding and the leather soft sole baby Shoes are now available in
a variety of stores and on the web in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Apart from the increasing number of stores our collection of soft leather baby shoes is also growing in variety.

In 2009 we will welcome several new additions to our family, amongst which the elephant
and the bear. The real football fan cannot go without the Baby Dutch football shoe.




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<td><br /><br />Baby Dutch bestaat sinds 2007 toen Tessa Schoonewil een eigen bedrijf wilde opzetten. <br />Tessa Schoonewil is zelf moeder en zocht een manier om werken met moederschap te <br />combineren. Ze kwam op het idee om leren babyslofjes te gaan ontwerpen, te laten <br />produceren en via babywinkels en webwinkels te verkopen. Hierbij kwam haar opleiding<br />van de mode Akademie Vogue goed van pas. De eerste collectie sloeg zo <br />aan, dat er inmiddels meer dan 50 soorten Baby Dutch slofjes op de markt zijn. De leren <br />Baby Dutch slofjes worden verkocht in meer dan 100 winkels in Nederland, Belgi&euml; en <br />Duitsland. &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; <br /><br />Baby Dutch is vol op in ontwikkeling. Nieuwe modellen of gehele nieuwe collectie<br />andere verpakking, nieuwe productfoto`s er is altijd wel wat te veranderen of te verbeteren.<br />Suggesties ? Laat het ons weten wij zijn heel erg nieuwsgierig.
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